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Special Issue of the Journal of Wound Management published

ISTAP is pleased to announce that the special issue of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Journal of Wound Management (JOWM) on skin tears has just been published

The International Skin Tears Advisory Panel (ISTAP) collaborated with EWMA to create this Special issue on Current advances in risk assessment, prevention and treatment of skin tears, which includes nine original manuscripts:

From “it’s just a skin tear” to a global awareness campaign: how the ISTAP-EWMA collaboration led to the first special issue of JOWM

Beeckman D, Holloway S

Skin tears anno 2022: An update on definition, epidemiology, classification, aetiology, prevention and treatment

Van Tiggelen H, Beeckman D (Corresponding author)

Engaging the person with a lower leg skin tear in the wound healing journey: A case study

Varga M A (Corresponding author), LeBlanc K, Whitehead L

Skin Tears in an aging population: Workforce empowerment - Evaluation of a First Responder Skin Tear Wound Management Pack

Jansz C (Corresponding author), Ross A, Cleary S

Measures that patients living in the community can take for the prevention and treatment of skin tears: A comprehensive review of the literature

Deprez J (Corresponding author), Fourie A, Beeckman D

Prevention and management of skin tears: A survey of nurses in French-speaking Switzerland

Charbonneau L (Corresponding author), Probst S, Gethin G

Analysis of real-world data from North American skilled nursing facilities’ skin and wound records for skin tear prevalence, healing and treatment

Douglas R, Fraser J (Corresponding author)

Comparison of a cyanoacrylate liquid skin protectant to skin closure strips for the treatment of injury-related Type I skin tears in elderly patients

Hill R H (Corresponding author), Smith S L

A cross-sectional study using the skin tear knowledge assessment instrument (OASES) to assess registered nurses’ knowledge of the identification, classification, prevention, assessment and management of skin tears in a geriatric rehabilitation hospital

Formosa E (Corresponding author), Holloway S

Using the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice to guide development of a skin tear management protocol

Bell C (Corresponding author)

We would appreciate you sharing this information with your wider member network.

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