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ISTAP Annual General Meeting Recording

Please read below to access documents pertaining to to the INTERNATIONAL SKIN TEAR ADVISORY PANEL (ISTAP) Annual General Meeting (AGM) , which took place Tuesday, May 18, 2023, at 8:00 AM EDT via Zoom. This AGM was open to those individuals who are registered as an ISTAP member as of May 3, 2022, and was available only through electronic means (Zoom Webinar Platform). Members must have registered in advance.

During the AGM, we discussed:

  • ISTAP results year to date

  • ISTAP Direction- the next 12 months

  • Audited financial review

  • Appointments and elections of Officers and Directors

  • Introduction of the ISTAP Board – 2023-2024

ISTAP was also excited to present the successes of 2022-2023, including:

  • Collaboration with the European Wound Management Association on the JOWM and future Patient Experience of Living with a Skin Tear project

  • Securing further corporate sponsorship from Essity for new projects

  • Building new collaboration and partnerships with international organisations

  • Silver Award for the Most Progressive Society in the JWC awards

  • Introduction of a biennial ISTAP Presidents Award to recognise excellence

  • Successful annual World Without Skin Tears event

  • Increasing our membership

Announcing new ISTAP Board of Directors

  • President 2022-2024: Samantha Holloway (United Kingdom)

  • President-Elect 2022-2024 Acclaimed: Karen Ousey (United Kingdom)

  • Secretary 2023-2025 Acclaimed: Julia Bresnai-Harris (United Kingdom)

  • Treasurer 2023-2025 Elected: Steven Smet, (Belgium)

  • Regional Director North America 2023-2025 Acclaimed: Jayesh Shah (USA)

  • Regional Director North America 2023-2025 Acclaimed: Mary Hill (Canada)

  • Regional Director Europe 2023-2025 Acclaimed: Anika Fourie (Belgium)

  • Regional Director Europe 2022-2024 Acclaimed: Ray Samuriwo (United Kingdom)

  • Regional Director Middle East 2023-2025 Acclaimed: Salvacion Cruz (United Arab Emirates)

  • Regional Director Australia 2022-2022 Acclaimed: Jenny Prentice (Australia)

  • Regional Director Asia 2022-2024 Acclaimed: Heidi Hu (China)

  • Regional Director Africa 2023-2025 Acclaimed: Emmy Nokaneng (South Africa)

  • Regional Director Latin America (Spanish) 2022-2024 Acclaimed: Pía Mabel Molina Chailán (Chile)

  • Regional Director Latin America (Portuguese): OPEN

Thank you to our outgoing ISTAP Board of Directors!

  • Past-President Dimitri Beeckman, RN, PhD, FEANS

  • Treasurer Kimberly LeBlanc, PhD, RN, NSWOC, WOCC (C), FCAN

  • Regional Director North America Laura Teague, PhD, MN, NP-Adult

  • Regional Director Latin America - Portuguese Maria Clara Salomao E Silva Guimaraes, Enfermeira Estomaterapeuta - UFJF

Dimitri Beeckman and Kimberly LeBlanc will continue to support ISTAP activities in consultant roles.

Watch the recording of the ISTAP Annual General Meeting 2023

Important Documents

ISTAP AGM 2023- Notice
Download DOCX • 35KB
ISTAP Report for NSWOC March 2023-1
Download PDF • 461KB
Agenda_ISTAP 2023 AGM (draft)
Download DOCX • 66KB
ISTAP DRAFT AGM Minutes May 31 2022
Download DOCX • 38KB
Download PDF • 2.51MB

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