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Call for Nominations: Regional Director North America - Canada

The International Skin Tear Panel (ISTAP) Board of Directors is looking for nominations to fill the following Board Position:

Regional Director North America - Canada


This position will fill an existing term which runs until immediately after the May 2024 ISTAP Annual General meeting with an opportunity to run for an additional two years. Nominations Deadline is January 5, 2023.

Qualifications Directors Qualifications are as follows:

  1. be an individual who is not less than eighteen years of age;

  2. be a Member of the Association for a minimum of two (2) years as a member in good standing;

  3. not be an employee or representative of a company whose primary business involves the development, manufacture and sole distribution of products in the field of skin health;

  4. not be a contractor of ISTAP; or

  5. not be a person who has been found by a court in Canada or elsewhere to be mentally incompetent, who has the status of a bankrupt.

Nomination procedure

Please return completed and signed forms by January 5, 2023 to the Nominating Committee Chair, Dr. Jayesh Shah at The ISTAP Board position application documents can be found on the home page at

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The International Skin Tear Panel (ISTAP) Board of Directors is notifying you of important changes made to the ISTAP Bylaws. Review the Bylaw Amendments: Amendment 1 Current Bylaw Consolidated to Jul

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