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Skin Tears "Made Easy" Session at the Wounds UK Conference 2023

On 7 November at the Wounds UK Conference 2023 in Harrogate, UK, ISTAP President Samantha Holloway, ISTAP Secretary Julia Harris, and Regional Director - Europe Ray Samuriwo hosted a "Made Easy Session" workshop on #SkinTears.

We're delighted to share the recording of this presentation with permission by Wounds UK, which you can now view on deman along with other videos on Skin Tears at, or you can view it below.

Their engaging workshop covered a wide range of important topics:

🔍 Exploring the definition of skin tears and the challenges of differential diagnosis with other skin injuries.

📋 Providing an example of how to adapt the ISTAP skin tear decision algorithm into local clinical practice.

👐 Offering a hands-on opportunity to use the ISTAP Skin Tear Classification system and discuss appropriate management options for skin tears.

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