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Anika Fourie

RN, M.Sc., IIWCC, PhD candidate

Regional Director Europe

“Clinical Practice, Academia, and Business Acumen: Passionate about Research, Education, Stakeholder Collaboration, and Patient Quality Care”.

Anika started her doctoral studies in 2020 at the University Centre for Nursing and Midwifery at Ghent University, Belgium, and is part of the Skin Integrity Research Group. She has a critical care nursing background and is a qualified wound care specialist who managed a wound care clinic in South Africa until 2008. For 11 years she worked in the industry sector as the regional scientific affairs manager, responsible for education, key opinion leader development, and quality improvement projects across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. She obtained her master’s degree in Clinical Skin Integrity & Wound Management in 2018 from Hertfordshire University, UK. She is a peer reviewer for Advances in Skin & Wound Care, Journal of Wound Care, and Journal of Wound Management. Her publications can be viewed at:

Anika Fourie



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