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Heidi Hevia Campos


Regional Director Latin America

Assistant Professor Andrés Bello University, Viña del Mar Chile

I was born in Heidelberg Germany, I finish my nursing studies at the Catholic University of Chile. I started working in a private clinic. I saw the need to provide specialized care for ostomy patients and then did my training as a specialized Stomatherapy nurse in England Saint Marks Hospital, being there I was able to do internships in different hospitals and cities attending the department of stomatherapy, intensive care, burn units among others. Then the expert program will take place at the Complutense University of Madrid. I returned to Chile full of projects but the subject was still unknown. Worked for 5 years in the hospital San Borja Arriarán where I was able to announce the importance of the participation of a nurse specialized in the care of the stoma and wound management. I struggled to develop the concept of comprehensive care in stomas, wounds and continence in my country. To achieve this goal I developed classes in different parties and institutions in Chile and abroad. I am an active member of the WCET and American Society and participate in the congresses whenever I can. These societies feed me every day, encourage and stimulate me to continue fighting.

I am married to Alvaro Halabi who is my best friend and we have a son Alvaro Junior of 19 years. I love mountains and my hobby is to run but I am not a champion for the moment I run until 15 km my goal is to go until 21K. My passion is my patients who motivate me to keep fighting for the wellness of them. My current job is at Andres Bello University and I like teaching.

Finally I would like to say that our mission is to work to improve the well-being of others and alleviate suffering by seeking the best and latest evidence.

Heidi Hevia Campos




Education Workstream - Member

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