An Often Painful But Largely Preventable Health Care Issue.

Skin tears affect all ages and continue to be a common problem in all health care settings. They are often painful, acute wounds resulting from trauma to the skin, and are largely preventable.

When Mismanaged And Misdiagnosed, Complications Follow.

Despite preliminary studies that suggest skin tears may be more prevalent than pressure ulcers, there remains a paucity of literature to guide prevention, assessment and treatment of skin tears. As a result these wounds are often mismanaged and misdiagnosed, leading to complications including pain, infection, and delayed wound healing.

A Skin Tear Consensus Panel Has Been Established To Address Prevention, Assessment, And Treatment Of Skin Tears.

A panel of 13 internationally recognized key opinion leaders convened to address skin tears. Co-chairpersons Kimberly LeBlanc, MN, RN, CETN(C), and Sharon Baranoski, MSN, RN, CWCN, APN-CCNS, FAAN have kindly granted permission to share their publication Skin Tears: State Of The Science: Consensus Statements For The Prevention, Prediction, Assessment, And Treatment Of Skin Tears.

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